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"Birthday"! Animators Kiev Inexpensive "BananaDay" - organization of holidays

Happy Birthday! "Children's holiday" event agency "BananaDay" will hold at home, in a cafe, restaurant. We will spend Children's Day on a special holiday of the day

Organization of children's parties in the new year 2017 with “Banana Day” is the best holiday for children. Banana Day Party Organization

Children's animator Kiev will arrive on time and quickly on the “child's birthday”. Our team gives inexpensive prices in the "New Year" 2017. Our “animators” organize children's clowns for the children's party. Order a holiday in the garden, home, school, outside, park, playground. BananaDay event agency will prepare “birthday greetings” scenarios for the holidays, children's scenarios for various events on the animator's day, since we are “organizing children's parties”. We are a team “animators Kiev” or “organizing holidays” for children and your child, also, you can order the services of an animator at home, and “clowns” in Kiev for their birthday will arrive for the holiday by calling 096 583 73 61 or 095 592 74 22. You can always prepare “birthday greetings” for your child, order children's clowns at home, you can call and bring animators to kindergarten, kindergarten graduation, matinee to kindergarten, and therefore “clown day” is very important for us to conduct children's parties

“Children's Holidays” are holidays in kindergarten with the help of which the robot animator in Kiev gives the child the best day of gifts (superheroes). Our "Animators Kiev" price gives a professional and better holiday. Let Your children enjoy a children's holiday on a children's birthday, therefore, event company "BananaDay" is the organization and holding of holidays in Kiev for children and adults, weddings, celebrations, children's birthday, clowns, shows.

In the New Year 2017, the year of the monkey is “Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden” in the New Year will be spent with children. If you want to get New Year's holidays together with (BananaDay), then, “Santa Claus 2017” will come and you will receive a letter to your grandfather or Santa Claus himself will make a New Year's performance for guests with different entertainment. “Banana Day” will prepare a script for a children's party and children's animators are always fabulous, and therefore for a children's birthday, like the sun itself or even a banana itself, they will prepare high-quality and bright costumes of the animator.

Programs ANIMATORS pirates, fixies, luntik, fairy, ding ding, princess, magician, transformers, snow white, batman, masha and the bear, disney, the Smurfs KIEV and the most important question is how to spend a child's birthday? And here is the answer, we are holding children's birthdays and our workshop "Banana Day" and there is an event agency for organizing holidays

Our Animators Kiev and the Bananadei holiday agency will hold a child's birthday, corporate events, organizing events or simply organizing a wedding, gifts for the new year 2017 are the most sacred of saints for you

Celebration birthday or organization of events "Banana Day" (organization of the agency) make a show for the holiday with soap bubbles, balloons or balls shdm, face painting

Superheroes are our animators, clowns, an animator who will come to kindergarten on any birthday in Kiev, Brovary, Borispol, Irpin, Glevakha, Vyshny, Vyshgorod, Koncha Zaspa, Obukhov. The animator works to go home to any district of Kiev: Goloseevsky, Darnitsky, Desnyansky, Dneprovsky, Obolonsky, Pechersky, Podolsky, Svyatoshinsky, Solomensky, Shevchenkovsky district. The agency of holidays Kiev BananaDay will arrive by metro Belichi, Novobelichi, Kotsyubinskoe, Akademgorodok, Svyatoshinsky, Svyatoshinsky, Berkovtsy, Nyvky, winegrower, Mostitsky, wind mountains, Minsk, Kurenevka, Sirets, Lukyanovka, loaf dachas, gratifying, Borshagachevka, Teremkamka , pechersk, solomenka, straws, obolon, hem, troeshchina, rainbow, voskresenka, forest, darnytsia, komsomolsky massif, bykovnya, rusanovka, kharkovsky, breznyaki, poznyaki, osokorki, beadnichi, urgent call, center, left bank, right bank, DVRZ , brovary, vorzel children's animators for a children's party Kiev UAH 200, UAH 300, UAH 350, UAH 400, UAH 450, UAH 500, two 2 animators UAH 550, UAH 600, UAH 650, UAH 700, UAH 750, UAH 800 Kiev

A holiday with an animator for children is needed every year, everyone in Kiev needs holidays, even a children's animator can be ordered around the clock and inexpensively. Animators Kiev is needed for a holiday and for children, as well as for leaving Kiev CHEAP. On the day of the animator, order an animator for a children's birthday or graduation, at home for children is cheap. Santa Claus and Snegurochka with their own hands at home in Kiev restaurants in the New Year 2017 where children's animators Kiev will hold a children's party for a children's birthday party Kiev. Ordering an animator for your holiday and everything for the Kiev holiday, to receive gifts for the new year 2017 inexpensively and how to meet or where to meet, mark where, rent a house, at home, how to relax in the new year 2017-2018

Spend the new year as an animator in Kiev 2017. Scenario of a children's holiday or for the new year with grandfather years. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden costume for children's parties with children's animators, prices for children at home (at home) and Christmas tree congratulations are inexpensive (cheap). Children's clowns and an animator for a birthday party in a kindergarten for Matins Kiev. And do not forget, the event agency for organizing children's parties "BananaDay" or (BananaDay) will hold a holiday with animators Kiev Inexpensive.


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