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Science show "Cryo Show" or Cryo Show with ice cream

CryoShow is the most beautiful and spectacular show in Ukraine. Scientific experiments with the use of liquid nitrogen: breaking fruits, vegetables, explosions, a lot of cooling and mesmerizing smoke and, of course, delicious nitro ice cream , the recipe of which will amaze even the most daring and discerning guests!
And our program will help you create a holiday that your guests will talk about for a very long time. This day will be special not only for you, but for all your friends. Liters of liquid nitrogen, fascinating battles, ice explosions, we know how to surprise you !!!


Traditional holidays are gradually losing interest. In the era of new high technologies, the active development of the child's personality, there are needs for unusual and incredible scientific entertainment, because it is difficult to surprise a modern child. Among such events, one can single out a cryo show with liquid nitrogen - a beautiful chemical experiment, something new and unique. Interactive cryo show is captivating, evokes a storm of positive emotions. Encourages the child to study chemistry and physics as a field of knowledge, can become fundamental in the choice of a future profession. On the one hand, this kind of entertainment is a funny performance, on the other, it is a baggage of knowledge.

Do you want you and your child to have a lot of positive emotions and vivid memories?

With the help of "BananaDay", you will be able to realize the most cherished desires, will give a lot of positive emotions that will make your child smile for a long time.

Organization and holding of holidays

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