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Foam show

Foam show is a lot of foam cubes of different colors. Children build and break huge foam creations. During the foam show, you can build an impregnable castle and go to conquer it, make a huge trampoline and joyfully jump into it, as well as take a crazy selfie with foam blocks. And, most importantly, the program is accompanied by fun music and exciting activities from the artists of BananaDay


You can do anything with foam rubber: jump, fight, throw! And no danger! Soft, multicolored material is the best way to keep kids entertained and pleasantly tired. Usually, after this holiday program, the guys become quiet and calm in half an hour, because playing with foam rubber is energetic and fun.

We offer a foam show not only for children - for adults up to 99 years old, this entertainment will suit, even just lie down! The program lasts half an hour, then the animators will remove the site in 20-30 minutes so that you can continue the celebration. Birthday, graduation at school or kindergarten, disco, New Year's party - the foam rubber show is universal, kids love it. This is the best choice for a children's event! Optimal age for participants: 3-15 years old.

Do you want you and your child to have a lot of positive emotions and vivid memories?

With the help of "BananaDay", you will be able to realize the most cherished desires, will give a lot of positive emotions that will make your child smile for a long time.

Organization and holding of holidays

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